Vue Storefront, which started as a bottom-up initiative by developers, is now the number one open-source PWA for eCommerce, the most most popular headless PWA platform in the world, and the central product in a whole ecosystem of Vue Storefront tools!

As the originators, we are incredibly pleased and proud but, most of all, we are thankful. Without the extraordinary community involved in developing Vue Storefront, we could never have dreamed of hitting such heights. 

The community has drawn in developers with different areas of expertise who are willing to share their knowledge and experience, which has made it possible for Vue Storefront to flourish. We believe that the Vue Storefront Blog should be run with the same philosophy, which is why we want to invite you to contribute and co-create the blog with us! 

We are dedicated to maintaining the high quality of Vue Storefront Blog content, so we have established some guidelines that should be met before items are published

First of all, the subject: as the blog is dedicated to PWA-related topics, the content of guest posts must relate to some aspect of front-end, PWA, or headless architecture.    

Here are the areas we are looking for:

If you think your content is somehow related to the Vue Storefront subject, but there are no corresponding keywords on the list above, feel free to contact us and pitch us your topic.

And now the obvious stuff... 

Guest posts should be:

The author accepts the full responsibility for information that is contained in texts and for the text itself. There may be minor editing of the guest post to correct grammar, spelling, etc, but in case of substantial changes, we will contact the authors to get their approval before publishing. We also offer the opportunity to take advantage of the technical expertise of the Vue Storefront Core Team members. 

If you’d like to write a guest post for Vue Storefront, please send an email to with an article or its agenda. The answer will be provided to you within two weeks of receiving the message.

Share your knowledge and build your professional position in the Vue Storefront community that already has over 200 contributors and is still growing.

All guest blog posts will be promoted in our social media channels - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook  - and the author’s profile will be tagged. Even though it is not a requirement, we strongly encourage you to become a permanent contributor and to publish at least one article per month. That kind of engagement will guarantee the creation of the author's profile on our blog with a full description and social media links.

We realize that creating a quality blog post takes time. We do our best to respect that effort by publishing as much as possible, but we do reserve the right to reject submissions if there is a valid and explained reason for doing so.