Ready or not, it’s time to resolve the Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge :) The competition was strong but in the end, we selected 3 excellent modules and integrations for Vue Storefront. We also listed all submitted solutions on the VS Forum.

With this challenge, we wanted to encourage freelance developers and partnering companies to share top quality integrations and popularize their solutions within the open-source community. Vue Storefront is a PWA frontend, designed to be easily expanded with various modules. This openness is one of the key elements to its success.

Only recently Vue Storefront reached 4,500 Github stars, 1,500 Slack users and 45 official partners. These numbers are constantly growing. Interest in The VS Marketplace Challenge and engagement of the applicants are an important part of this growth, so thank you for each and every idea submitted to this competition.

The Winners

We were more than happy to see various propositions for new Vue Storefront modules, integration, and themes. To enter the competition developers had to propose work compatible with Vue Storefront 1.7, released under the MIT license on Github. And so, out of all the submitted works, the top prizes were granted to:

Layered Navigation by Get_Noticed

Multiselect feature enabled by the Layered Navigation Module

This powerful module has been proposed by Vue Storefront’s long-term partner — Get_Noticed. Thanks to their work, you can make the product searching experience even better. By implementing this module, your customers can select multiple filters, like color, size or price range, in Vue Storefront-based PWA storefronts. What’s even better — this module will grow with more features.

“We created this module to make searching the catalog a better experience, there are a lot more features to come and we’ll add these features to this module when we finished development on them.” — Daan Kouters, Get Noticed

Learn more at

Wordpress integration by Develo Design

Develo Design, based in the UK, shared with us their integration with the most widespread webpage builder. Wordpress is used by over 33% of the web, from simple blogs to complex online stores. Thanks to this integration, you can turn your Wordpress into a powerful PWA.

More about this Vue Storefront<>Wordpress integration here.

Storyblok integration by Kodbruket

Vue Storefront frontend design in the Storyblok CMS
Vue Storefront frontend design in the Storyblok CMS

Kodbruket, one of the youngest teams in the Vue Storefront community, proposed integrating VS with the Storyblok, a revolutionary headless CMS enriched with advanced visual preview and editors.

More about this integration here.

All winners of the Vue Storefront Challenge received Core Contributor status and free consulting with the Vue Storefront core-team. Later on, their modules will be also promoted on the Vue Storefront Marketplace.

All listed on the VS Forum

Last, but not least, the challenge brought us many more modules, integrations, and themes which can significantly expand your projects with Vue Storefront. They all represent really good quality and gave us a few sleepless nights during the selection process. We are more than happy to see them in the VS environment.

To give everyone easy access to all the works submitted in this challenge, as well as existing VS modules, themes, and integrations, we decided to list them all on the Vue Storefront Forum.

Jump there to discover and use all available Vue Storefront modules, or add new ones: