It was a busy weekend! Last weekend we were hosting a Vue Storefront hackathon — it was supposed to last just one day but … folks from ended up with PRs just on the Monday’s night! :)

More than 15 developers visited us at Divante HQ — some worked remotely with us being connected by the Slack channel.

The event was part of Wro Open Source — OSS dev day we’re organising each year in Wrocław. The weather was perfect, the beer was chilled and the the feeling of brother/sister-hood was very unique.

Vue Storefront core team

We’re publishing 1.0 stable on the 1st of June and this Hackathon was a major step towards the next release. We’ve closed around 17 Pull Requests:

Vue Storefront hackaton party
Dehydration is one of the risks that awaits for developers during the hackathons. Be aware of it and drink more than You think You need to.

Thanks for all the attendees! For sure we’ll have some more events like this in the short term future!

Vue Storefront hackathon Bartek Igielski
Nobody told Bartek Igielski that the hackathon has just ended ;)