Last Friday was a good day for Vue Storefront project :) Big thanks to for the Vue Storefront Hackathon#2 in Poznań!

During yesterday’s whole-day session we hosted around 25 developers at’s office + around 10 more people joined us remotely. Guys from Argentina were with us from 4:00 AM their time (!).

You could felt the Open Source spirit, we spent around 10 hours coding, chatting, knowledge sharing and … just having a lot of fun!

The outcome of the event is visibile in the number of accepted Pull Requests. Kind of new record — the VS Hacakthon#1 which was held in May generated 17PR; now — we’ve ended up with 27!

Some of the features accepted are minor / bug fixes — but some are pretty important heavy one’s:

This is not the whole list of accepted changes! Please check All Accepted Pull Request!


Next events + support

Hackathons are great because the core team can eventually meet in person :) One of the topics we discussed Yesterday was a plan for next hackathons. It works really great so Macopedia’s promised us to organise the next hackathon in 2 months (October), then again: Divante, … Are You willing to organise a VS Hackathon? Let us know writing to

We would love to have such an event each 2 months — and if some other partners would like to support us — even more often. We’ll support the effort by all means — we’ll be there with the developers, providing support, trainings, roadmap + marketing :) Don’t wait! Open Source is not just about writing the code, You can contribute many ways

Hackathon trainings

One important insight we’ve got after the event is that each next hackathon will be run in two streams of work:

It will be for free, it will be ultra-cool to start with Vue.js / Vue Storefront! The training session will be around 2–3h — provided by Core Vue Storefront developers. Next reason to join the event!

Community support

Next thing we’ve discussed within the core team is that we would like to recognise our partner support and the contributions to the Community.

Probably we’ll come with kind of “Core Contributor” badge for the partners who can support us by booking some fixed developer’s time (even few hours per week) to the project, organising the meetups, doing some open trainings.

It’s open question to our Community how we’ll do this. The goal just to: make the Vue Storefront contributions even more beneficial and appealing to our partners and community.

I believe that the key advantage of stepping into Vue Storefront development seriously, as a company, is that You will train Your developers for free. It’s up to us to do some free knowledge sharing/mentoring/training for them as they join the team. Everyone can join Vue Storefront.

Contact us on if You would like to take this chance!

Once again big thanks to folks for having us and to all contributors for Your effort and new features!