Happy coding this Friday!

This Friday is Hackday! We’re hosting a full day Vue Storefront hackathon at our office in Wrocław + remotely. If You like please join us in our office or via Slack + Github.

9:00–10:00 — Issues/topic selection to work on during the day
10:00–13:00 — Individual work
13:00–15:00 — QA Session / VS Architecture
15:00–16:00 — pizza + refreshements
16:00–19:00 — coding
19:00 — beer + networking

We’ve selected quite a few ideas for tasks to be taken during the event. You can find them on Github Issues.

Slack Office Hours with the Core Dev Team

The core team plan to be available for all kind of questions on this Wednesday 20:00 CET (GMT+1), 13:00 PDT (UTC-7).

Here is the Slack invitation link

For the top contributors we have special T-shirts:

Vue Storefrint t-shirt pattern

1.0 STABLE is coming (June)

Vue Storefront example
Now, out of the box You have the support for configurable bundle products and custom product options like dates, checkboxes, radio options etc.

We’re after all major refactoring efforts. Last thing is Webpack 4.0 support which is underway. Compile time even -60% faster!

Last week we’ve added Bundle products and Custom options support which makes Vue Storefront 100% compatible with all Magento advanced product options.

A lot of UX improvements and the Multiwebsite support(currently partially supported) are underway.

The full roadmap for the next releasees can be found on our Github / Milestones.

Case Studies

We’re so excited — our partners and we ourselves are working on pretty cool projects that we’ll start featuring around 1.0 STABLE release. Just a short spoiler:

Vue Storefront Worldwide

What’s one of the most inspiring things about Vue Storefront — is that the community never sleep. There is about 300 devs in 18 timezones currently playing with Vue Storefront.

We have local presence in the following countries:

The screenshot is here thanks to Google Maps and our partners :)