Version 1.9 is a huge milestone in Vue Storefront history. It’s not only a new release. It’s our promise to the community that Vue Storefront is mature enough to be a trustworthy enterprise solution that can keep its position as a leader in eCommerce Storefronts.

New release cycle

Since the product is mature enough to fulfill most of the needs we want to focus on polishing it by eliminating bugs, enriching APIs, making the product more stable and future-proof, providing better tooling with cli and dedicated snippets/dev tools.

From version 1.9 each Vue Storefront release will be divided into two steps (approx. 1 month each):

  1. The release candidate (1.x-rc)— is a rough version with the newest features. It’s not production-ready but developers are able to test and play with newest additions to the core. During this milestone, we are mostly focusing on widening our APIs and adding new features.
  2. Stable version (1.x) — Once all features and API additions are in the core we are working next month on polishing these new APIs, improving performance/stability and writing tests. After this milestone, we are publishing the production-ready and well-tested version of Vue Storefront.

You can read more about the new release cycle here.

Important note: The most recent stable version is 1.8.3. If you wish to upgrade to the latest codebase or make a new shop this is the right one to grab. We made tons of improvements in terms of stability during this release.

Product roadmap

Vue Storefront Product Roadmap

Even though Vue Storefront is fully mature and ready to use the product we want to make it even better and our plans for its future are really exciting! We plan to incorporate many DX improvements with dedicated tooling and lower the entry level with each version. We also have four main long-term business goals;

Here you can read the details in Piotr Karwatka’s post.

SAP Hybris integration

Recently Rauf and Timofey from epam wrote a post on Hybrismart about Vue Storefront integration with SAP Hybris. They even recorded a demo!