Version 1.9 is the first stable release in the new release cycle and the effects are stunning! Not only it’s the most stable version of all time but we managed to ship great features. There are also 5 new modules from our community and 5 new live VSF shops! It’s amazing to post such great news each month.

New features

Of course, that’s not all :) You can find a full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes at the end of this article.

New modules

There would be no Vue Storefront without its amazing community. This month our partners released 6 new modules!

You can check other modules made by our community at the Vue Storefront Forum.

Marketplace challenge winners

Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge
Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge

While speaking about modules it’s hard not to mention marketplace challenge. With this challenge, we wanted to encourage freelance developers and partnering companies to share top quality integrations and popularize their solutions within the open-source community.

The competition was strong but in the end, we selected 3 excellent modules and integrations for Vue Storefront. The winners are:

Here you can read more about the challenge and its winners.

New Vue Storefront-based websites are live

It’s hard to describe how great we feel when we see new production website running Vue Storefront. In last month we felt it 5 times!

More quality and less bugs!

We hired 3 amazing QA engineers (full-time!) that are testing Vue Storefront in and out. Thanks to their hard work and bug reports we are able to shipp more stable versions than ever before.

Vue Storefront hackathons

Last month Vue Storefront meetups visited Birmingham and Tel Aviv! As always it was a great occasion to meet local Vue Storefront communities and do training for newcomers!

If you’d like to participate in Vue Storefront hackathon and training check our events website. Everyone is welcome! ;)

Storefront UI on Vue.js Roadtrip

I’m happy to announce that this month Storefront UI will be shown publicly for the first time during Vue.js Roadtrip in Barcelona and Paris. If you live there to come and give a hi5!

What else?



… and everything from RC version:



Changed / Improved

Deprecated / Removed

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