The 1.8 milestone is truly showing the power and scale of the Vue Storefront community. Even though the core team is focused mostly on delivering the new default theme, our community members are extremely active: organizing hackathons, creating new modules, themes and contributing to the core! Looks like VSF can be safely considered a truly community-driven project!

The Demo Theme Challenge — winners

VueTique Theme - winner of Vue Storefront Theme Prize

A few months ago, we announced The Demo Theme Challenge and we are happy to announce the winner! Our partner Absolute Web Services not only made a stunning design but also implemented it as a live VSF shop! Congrats!

Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge
The grand opening by Andrea Chiarottino — CTO of Eataly. They provided us with an amazing venue and food.
Meet Magento Event
Piotr Karwatka on Meet Magento Event

The outcome is the first official Vue Storefront partner in India — Aureate Labs. Welcome to the community!

What else?

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