This Autumn is really heating up for the Vue Storefront community. Last Friday, the third official Vue Storefront Hackathon hit a record number of attendees! Today, we’re releasing Vue Storefront 1.5, including the new VS logo and a redesigned website…

… and it’s not enough for us :) Tomorrow at Meet Magento NYC we’ll present a very cool new product!

New Release: Vue Storefront 1.5 is out

Keeping up with our release cycle, we’ve pushed VS 1.5 out of the door nearly a month after the last edition. We were focused on refactoring efforts — bringing in the New Modules API and refactoring some of the core modules. Everything is backward compatible. The refactoring work will be continued during November, 2018. Moreover, we’ve optimized the memory usage profile in Server Side Rendering. With these two releases, we’re making Vue Storefront better, not bigger.

We’ve added more new docs and GraphQL extensibility features. Please check the release notes for details.

New Vue Storefront logo

New Vue Storefront logo

We’re introducing the new Vue Storefront logo and full branding, replacing the old “V”-based original. Why have we refreshed it?

We wanted to make the Vue Storefront brand more friendly! The old logo had a lot of “sharp” and “aggressive” corners. Moreover, we wanted to resign from the heavy, dark colors and simplify the branding (the logo was too detailed). Finally, we’ve upgraded the brand’s typography.

New Vue Storefront website

With the new Vue Storefront branding, we took a chance to update our website as well. Now, apart from the most important VS information, you will find references from our Partners and Clients. Let us know about your feedback!

Vue Storefront website
This is our cool new Vue Storefront website!

Go on and visit us at

Github note: perhaps you already noticed that this month we reached 3273 Github stars. We’ve also received some pretty cool G2Crowd and Capterra reviews. THANK YOU!

Vue Storefront Core Partners

Over the past year, we’ve been extremely grateful for all contributions. Our partners and community have really helped Vue Storefront to mature and gain popularity in the eCommerce sector.

We noticed that some Vue Storefront partners have gone far beyond the standard partnership with consistent contributions to the core code, being active in the community, and promoting Vue Storefront through multiple presentations and events like Hackathons.

We thought it would be fitting to give these agencies the credit they deserve. They will be the first Core Members of Vue Storefront. In addition to the support that we give all of our partners, Core Members will receive access to discounted support from the Core Team and will have the ability to participate in a lead-sharing program if they wish.

VS Hackathon at Macopedia

Last Friday, Macopedia organized the third official Vue Storefront Hackathon in Poznań. It was the biggest VS hackathon so far and hit a record number of participants. At the event, we hosted more than 30 attendees, including 18 that signed up for official Vue Storefront Training.

Vue Stirefront core team
Bartek, Filip, Adam and me — part of the core team discussing 2.0

What was really cool is that after the training we got about 8 Pull Requests from first-time Github contributors. The community is growing rapidly.

Our friends from PHOENIX MEDIA — without these guys we wouldn’t have the GraphQL support :)

The Hackathon ended up with 18 Pull Requests — and a few more still in the making. This time we were focused on refactoring tasks, bringing us closer to the 2.0 release (Q1 2019).

Vue Storefront cotributors
The Vue Storefront development training attracted 18 people. Most of them became first-time contributors afterward!

It’s crazy — some of our guests spent more than 12 hours traveling to Poznań, some of them from the distant locations like Amman (Jordan). THANK YOU!