We’re really excited about this release. Vue Storefront 1.4 is available. Thanks to our partner PHOENIX MEDIA we were able to implement GraphQL Support to Vue Storefront. Moreover, we kept things backward compatible by adding data abstraction layer. And that’s not all …

New features

We’ve started works on new Documentation — and some key docs already have been ported to VuePress. Please check out how cool it looks like.

This release comes also with SSR Caching support. Pages are marked with products and categories that are available on them — and the cache is automatically invalidated regarding the on-demand changes.

Another cool part is an Advanced Output Framework which allows the developer to output all sort of text formats — including XML, JSON, and AMPHTML directly from the Vue.js components.

Of course, we’ve fixed the whole bunch of bugs :) Check our release notes.

New Logo + CI

Vue Storefront new logo and CI

Not yet, but with the next release, we’re changing the Vue Storefront branding. We’ve decided to go with a new logo to deal with the heavy colors, sharp corners, “sad bag handle” and other important reasons which caused a lot of our UX team frustration :-)

We’ll keep you updated in the following weeks!

The announcement of Vue Storefront 2.0

During his speech at Reaction, 2.0 (a really cool event made happen by Yisse — thanks for having us!) Filip Rakowski introduced Vue Storefront 2.0. We’re now starting the parallel work on it. With new major release which will be published in 2019 Q1 we’ll add:

Vue Stirefront 2.0 announcement
Vue Storefront 2.0 announcement people
Beside Vue Storefront 2.0 announcement, at Reacticon conference we met with Mark Rutte — The Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

New sites went production

Last month we’ve heard of 2 new sites went production (and more than 5 others in the making — from Nigeria to the USA).

Another great news is that SpecialMilano.com — has been published by BitBull (we wrote about its proof of concept)

Specialmilano.com Vue Storefront eCommerce
SpecialMilano.com made by our partner BitBull

The Nomos RedDot - shop has been launched by The Hour Glass.

The Hour Glass Vue Storefront eCommerce

Meet us at the events

Events are something our team really liked :) You can meet us next month on the following events:

Check our full roadmap for upcoming months.