We are happy to announce that release candidate for Vue Storefront 1.10 is now ready to test! In this release, despite stabilization and bug fixing, we focused on improving Vue Storefront frontend API layer and expanding possibilities of current features. Even more exciting things happened outside of the code world. Let me walk you through them!

All about Vue Storefront 1.10-RC

Below you can find the gigantic list of around 90 PRs merged with improvements, bug fixes and enhancements made by our community for Vue Storefront 1.10-RC release.

Mother of Open Source

You must admit it’s impressive ;)




Changed / Improved

Native Magento 2 Indexer

Our standard data importers were designed to solely use the platform APIs to push the data into Elastic Search. This is precisely how the mage2vuestorefront works.

As flexible, this solution is, it comes with some severe limitations. One of the most critical limitations it has is the performance. Executing API requests for each product might have a sense for 1–2K SKUs but doesn’t work with the databases counting a hundred thousand items.

This was our motivation to create the native indexers for Magento. Currently, you can find two native indexers on our Github:

Read more about native Magento indexers here.

Magento MSI support

Thanks to our fantastic partner, BitBull, Vue Storefront is now supporting Magento Multi Stock Inventory. Special thanks to Alessandro Ronchi who made it possible and ensured high code quality!

What else?

Vue Storefront has new CTO!

Vue Storefront Team

Following to rapid growth of Vue Storefront, we have decided to expand the Vue Storefront team with a new tech leader. Everyone — please meet Mr. Sander Mangel, Magento community legend and our new CTO!

Sander is working with us for only one month, and we already see exceptional results of this cooperation!

You can read more about Sander joining our team here along with the short interview.

Vue Storefront as Shopware exclusive PWA solution!

It turns out that May was an excellent month for Vue Storefront! We not only started working with sander but also announced Vue Storefront and Shopware partnership! Now we will work on delivering the best possible PWA experience for Shopware 6 together!

You can read more about Shopware and Vue Storefront cooperation here.

Shopware 6 integration

Vue Storefront PWA for Shopware 6

Followed by our partnership with Shopware we released Vue Storefront integration with newest Shopware 6!

Here you can find the code and installation guide.

Our QA team will now help you on VS forum!

Vue Storefront QA Team

As we take our support to the next level, we would like you to meet Core QA Team! Gabi, Alina, and Artur help you find or get the answers for your Vue Storefront related questions and issues on our official forum.

Vendic launched Vue Storefront for Meubelplaats

Vendic Team

What are the challenges of enriching Magento-based stores with PWA solutions? To find out, we met up with Tjitse and Eugene, developers from Vendic agency, who recently launched a PWA in the Meubelplaats furniture store.

You can read the full interview here.

Vue Storefront hackathon in Deventer by Vendic & Yireo

Hackathon Deventer 2019
Hackathon Deventer 2019
Hackathon Deventer 2019
Hackathon Deventer 2019

When speaking about Vendic, it’s hard not to mention amazing hackathon they’ve organized together with Yireo recently in Deventer! Despite the regular focus on coding many efforts has been put into knowledge sharing.

We header about PWAs from Sander mangel, Magento PWA solutions comparison from Jisse Reitsma and running Vue Storefront on production from Tjitse Efde

You can find stunning presentation made by Tjitse from Vendic about running Vue Storefront on production here!

Sander presenting VSF
Sander presenting VSF
Coding, knowledge sharing, exclusive T-shirts, and beer. What else would anyone need?

Upcoming Vue Storefront hackathons

If you missed hackathon in the Netherlands, there is no reason to panic! We have plenty of them coming where you can meet Sander, core team members, our partners, and other Vue Storefront community members!

Sign up for the Vue Storefront hackathon in Romania here.
Sign up for the Vue Storefront hackathon in Germany here.

Keep an eye on our event list to stay updated and don’t miss Vue Storefront hackathon near your town!