We’re extremely excited to present to you the biggest and most feature-rich release of Vue Storefront so far!

This version consists of 50 new features and a lot of fixes including tremendous mobile UI optimization and support for Pimcore eCommerce Framework!

Second, B2B catalog, a theme is one of the features included in the new release

If you already have our demo access please check it out — if not please visit: https://vuestorefront.io/. Right now we do have a separate demo for the B2B catalogs feature, please let us know if you like to test it!

You can install this edition locally as well — just go to our Github: https://github.com/DivanteLtd/vue-storefront/releases

Key new features in the latest Vue Storefront

Ongoing projects Vue Storefront projects:

Our partners in Argentina and Poland just started first implementation projects based on Vue Storefront. It’s really cool!

We’re open to the need of agencies and developers. If something bothers you, or you’re just waiting for features XYZ to start your implementation: lets us know via Github or contributors@vuestorefront.io. The project is an Open Source project; everyone involved; we’ll try to adjust our roadmap to your needs. This is how we work here.

B2B theme has been developed by just one developer in just one week — isn’t it amazing?

Credits for Vue Storefront 0.4.0

Special thanks to all contributors (19 devs from 6 different time zones!), especially the core team:

If you want to appear on this list with the next release, don’t hesitate to become a contributor. Just drop us an e-mail to contributors@vuestorefront.io

For public demo access please visit: https://vuestorefront.io

The core Vue Storefront team is going to visit Vuejs.Amsterdam conference! If you’re somewhere nearby just drop us an email to contributors@vuestorefront.io to meet us there and grab a coffee or beer!