We’re thrilled to present your new version of our Progressive Web App for eCommerce: Vue Storefront!

It was a long month since we released the previous one. More than 50 new features have been added! This release is extremely important because we managed to include the most-demanded and key features, required to start commercial implementations!


Take a short look at a Key New Features:

Please check the full release notes for the list of all features included.

The project is now supported by 17 core-contributors and around 80 enthusiasts around the world. The core-dev team responsible for this release deserves special credits:


Screen from the Vue Storefront 0.3.0

If you want to appear on this list with the next release, don’t hesitate to become a contributor. Just drop us an e-mail to: contributors@vuestorefront.io

Our enterprise partnership network grew up — now including agencies from Argentina, the USA, Poland, Kazakstan, United Kingdom, and Germany.

For public demo access please visit vuestorefront.io