We have released Vue Storefront 1.11-rc2, which means that the stable version 1.11 is right around the corner, but it’s not the only news that we want to share with you!


First of all, let me introduce myself because some of you probably don’t know why even I’m the author of this blog post.

I’m Patryk, and for about one month, I’ve been supporting the Vue Storefront core team as a technical leader. I took over responsibilities such as releasing new versions of our PWA for eCommerce, setting deadlines, planning roadmaps, assigning tasks, etc., and also listening to the community, their problems and demands in order to provide the best storefront ever!

You can reach me on our community slack (@andrzejewsky), twitter, linkedin, or github.

Now, let’s move on to the next section. I’m glad I can share a couple of pieces of news from my side and some information about what we are currently working on.

Upcoming release 1.11

As you know, the new stable version will be 1.11. This version is a kind of stabilization one. We have introduced some refactoring and fixed many bugs so far. Gradually, the test coverage is increasing as we try to write more and more tests for our vuex modules — everything to provide you with a version of Vue Storefront.

We’ve noticed that many of you asked about ElasticSearch 7. That is also planned to be released in 1.11, we are working on it. Vue Storefront will support both versions of ES: the old version 5, and version 7 — the new one.

What’s the release date? December 24th is the deadline, of course, we’d like to publish 1.11 before that.

Support 1.10

We still support 1.10 because so many of you use it. We are back-porting some of the critical bug-fixes and updates that are necessary to keep the platform stable. Because of that, a new release, 1.10.5, is coming and it will be released soon.


What are our future plans? First of all, in the upcoming versions, we want to stabilize the whole platform even more. We really know that Vue Storefront is not perfect, so let’s improve that.

The next thing is the checkout. This is a place we definitely have to focus on. It should be more extendable, flexible and easier to integrate, especially when it comes to external payment services.

What about the UI? This is also something that we want to significantly improve and Storefront UI will support us in achieving that.

Storefront UI is a UI library created by our team to build user interfaces dedicated to e-commerce software. It’s a set of components that are fully customizable and easy to adjust for each use case. We’ll be using StorefrontUI to build a new alternative theme.

Stay tuned! 🎉