Vue Storefront has been on the market for more than 1.5 years. It’s the 6th most popular eCommerce project on Github. We have never been so committed to making this product better and better. Our goal is ambitious: To become the industry standard for eCommerce PWAs (long term goal).

This is the commitment to people who choose Vue Storefront for their commercial projects and for our partners and developers who work on the core.

Developers and merchants choose Vue Storefront for many different reasons: the technology we used (Vue.js), platform agnosticism (using it as a framework), the number of ready to use features (using it to shorten the time to market), or because they’re using Magento (which is our default integration at the moment).

The Vue Storefront goals

We’ve just finished the Roadmap update for the upcoming year. We categorized our mid-term goals and the workstreams into four categories — to properly address the needs of our users:

What to expect in the next year?

The Vue Storefront project is developed not by a single company but rather by the whole community — about 120 contributors and around 1200 developers involved in the community (full list). However, we’re trying to put an accent on the most important and most requested features. This is how the Vue Storefront Roadmap was created.

Implementations workstream

To support the current and future commercial implementations, we’ll be working on the following features:

Improvements workstream

We were first to the market and that allowed us to become the leader. Now we’re extremely focused on improving all the things that we could have done better, while maintaining backwards compatibility.

Integrations workstream

We’re currently having quite a lot of integration efforts executed by our partners. We’d love to support them:

Features workstream

We’re trying to make VS Core the best possible solution for PWA apps. Our feature base is pretty high — covering most of the B2C features + superior extendibility based on modules + themes. Our partners are adding a lot of new features and we’re launching the Marketplace in Q2.

You can expect a lot of new business features, however — we’d like to keep this workstream pretty open. Bear with us!

Your feedback

We’re curious about Your feedback. Contact us at This Roadmap isn’t set in stone and we’re happy to modify it regarding our users’ needs.

More about Vue Storefront and its community at