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| General | January 21, 2021
Vue Storefront and LexasCMS join forces to make personalization simple

Today’s consumers are increasingly expecting their online experiences to be personalized, and this has never before been more true than it is for e-commerce businesses. For this reason, Vue Storefront has partnered with LexasCMS to provide a simple and effective way for storefront owners to deliver highly relevant content to each and every customer. The […]

| General | July 2, 2020
The most optimized Vue Storefront 1.x so far

Vue Storefront 1.12 has just landed! The leading topics for the latest major release of VSF1.x were: performance, an additional Storefront UI based theme, and a new CLI interface.  During the 9 months from the last stable release, we’ve included more than 50 new improvements and a lot of optimizations and stabilization fixes. The major […]

| General | May 4, 2020
Capybara Theme 1.0rc2 is ready for production usage

It took us two intensive months to move the Capybara Theme from “Developer’s preview” status to “Release Candidate”. We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just achieved this important milestone! In the last weeks, our effort has been focused mostly on Capybara’s performance, keeping pace with Storefront UI and stabilization fixes. The theme has been […]

| News | December 21, 2019
Vue Storefront current status and roadmap

We are constantly improving and working on Vue Storefront. The community is growing rapidly and the product is becoming more and more popular among businesses. We would like to show you a roadmap and what is going on behind the scenes. We recently had a really cool hangout with our community, during which we showed […]

| General, Technical | November 29, 2019
Developer’s perspective: Vue Storefront for a great CX in eCommerce [interview]

Alek is an independent UX designer and front-end dev for whom the Vue Storefront framework provides an efficient toolset for creating seamless customer experience in online stores. In this interview, we ask Alek about his experiences with Vue Storefront. You decided to use Vue Storefront in several online stores (DW Shop, FLYN Wetsuits). As an […]

| News, Releases | November 25, 2019
Upcoming Vue Storefront releases and the roadmap

We have released Vue Storefront 1.11-rc2, which means that the stable version 1.11 is right around the corner, but it’s not the only news that we want to share with you! Hello! First of all, let me introduce myself because some of you probably don’t know why even I’m the author of this blog post. I’m Patryk, […]

| Technical | November 21, 2019
Platform Agnostic Frontend — how does it work?

One of the key USPs (Unique Selling Proposition — unique feature) of Vue storefront is that it might work with any eCommerce backend platform. We do support quite many backends just outside the box: Magento1 and Magento2, Pimcore, EpiServer, Spree, OpenCart, Shopware6. … but there is a way to integrate your own, 3rd party platform as well. […]

| Releases, Technical | October 3, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.11 and The Roadmap update

We’ve just released the Vue Storefront 1.11rc-1. It has introduced quite a lot of refactoring and upgrades. This is going to be the best and most stable Vue Storefront release so far. We’re really proud of it and now we’re finally ready to streamline and stabilize upgrades/release cycle. The Best Release so far We’re really proud […]

| Technical | August 15, 2019
Caching on production

I’ve got recently a few questions regarding the best caching strategies for Vue Storefront on production. We’ve got the production setup options explained in our docs but the caching part was apparently missed. That’s why I decided to put a few words on this topic. Here we go! SSR Output Cache Vue Storefront supports a very […]

| Releases, Technical | June 26, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.10-rc

We are happy to announce that release candidate for Vue Storefront 1.10 is now ready to test! In this release, despite stabilization and bug fixing, we focused on improving Vue Storefront frontend API layer and expanding possibilities of current features. Even more exciting things happened outside of the code world. Let me walk you through […]

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