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| News | June 11, 2019
Vue Storefront Community Support — let’s meet our QA Team

As you know, our community is continuously growing, and we’re doing our best to provide you with the support you need. That is why we are excited to introduce several ideas for improvements in this field! First of all — Slack. It is a great place to exchange knowledge, discuss, and verify ideas. We do […]

| Community, News | April 24, 2019
Winners of the Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge

Ready or not, it’s time to resolve the Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge 🙂 The competition was strong but in the end, we selected 3 excellent modules and integrations for Vue Storefront. We also listed all submitted solutions on the VS Forum. With this challenge, we wanted to encourage freelance developers and partnering companies to share top […]

| Community, News | March 15, 2019
Embrace the Vue Storefront Forum

The time has come to organize ourselves better 🙂 Meet the Vue Storefront Forum, a place dedicated to exchanging information between the growing number of developers and companies in our open-source ecosystem. So far, Slack has been the most important communication channel for the Vue Storefront community, but with over 1000 developers on it, we faced […]

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