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| Business, General | March 11, 2022
PWA in Headless Commerce – Everything You Should Know

PWA – Progressive Web Application – became a thing after 2015, when Google incorporated a strong focus on the mobile experience. 2015 was a pivotal year favoring PWAs, and the continued growth made them fit more and more into eCommerce. As eCommerce technology evolved, PWAs followed corresponding with the headless paradigm, to form now matching […]

| General | October 13, 2020
Progressive Web App in the mobile world

Mobile devices generate about half of global web traffic. In many growing markets, smartphones have already overcome PCs and became the primary devices used for online activities. Mobile devices are no longer just used for idle scrolling of social media platforms; the more time we spend on mobile, the more often we use them for […]

| General | April 20, 2020
PWA iOS— catching up the native app race with iOS 13

Apple doesn’t seem to take lessons from the past… iOS 13 beta 1 version has resolved many annoying bugs of iOS 12 and onwards. But it didn’t release the document, which describes the bug fixes. Call it another PWA marketing failure or whatever you like— it’s difficult to comprehend why a technological giant of Apple’s […]

| Community | March 24, 2020
Yehor Shytikov: PWA is a real revolution not only in eCommerce

With Yehor Shytikov, Software Engineer at THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF, we talk about how Progressive Web App will change the eCommerce sector. You worked for some time with Magento. What is your experience with this platform at the beginning and how did it change over the years? Yehor Shytikov, Software Engineer at THE […]

| Case Studies, Community | January 17, 2019
PWA solutions for an online fashion brand — Malianta’s way [interview]

To outrun old, well-established fashion houses, rising fashion stars focus on online presence. Social media, like Instagram, is a powerful channel for reaching fashion enthusiasts worldwide, and a way to maintain flexibility in testing new designs and markets — but how to turn such traffic into sales? Technology is the key. Eager to learn about solutions that […]

| Technical | February 6, 2018
Progressive Web App strategies — Strangler Pattern

Here’s the first post in the series showing how Progressive Web Apps and microservices architecture can be introduced to your existing applications. As systems age, the development tools and system architectures they were built on can become increasingly obsolete. As new features and functionality are added, the complexity of these applications can increase dramatically, making […]

| Technical | January 7, 2018
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) mixed with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Together with ShopRank, we’ve recently created the State of mobile-first eCommerce report, focusing on the mobile experience and performance of 11,000 online stores. The results presented in the report aren’t optimistic. Speed and an engaging UX should be top features of mobile-first eCommerce, but the performance and accessibility audit average scores are 35/100 and 58/100 […]

| Technical | January 22, 2017
Replatforming? Invest in the PWA as a first step!

Not so long ago Magento’s Peter Sheldon wrote a brilliant blog post about the Business value of Progressive Web Apps. It’s hard to not agree with the reasons he gave t there for investing in PWAs next year. According to our last report on eCommerce Trends for 2018: Progressive Apps seem like a new Mobile […]

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