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| General | October 19, 2020
How to make sales more personal with Vue Storefront?

The stats revealed that adding personalization may increase sales by an average of 19% across the board, and there is no need to prove that consumers’ birthdays are one of the most personal and pleasantly surprising ways to show them that you care. Having said that, I will show you how to add the “Date […]

| Technical | March 16, 2018
Proof of Concept —how to run PWA for Magento in a week

I’ve recently read that 2018 is a year of Progressive Web Apps. It’s like a teenage sex: everybody is reading about it, thinking about it but there are not so many cases to benchmark with. Especially in European Retail. Why is that? I think like with any new technology the barrier is a tendency to […]

| Technical | January 31, 2018
Vue Storefront — how to install and integrate with Magento 2

Here is a short tutorial for developers — on how to connect Vue Storefront to Magento 2 instance and develop your own customizations. It’s probably a good starting point for your first VS based implementation. So, let’s get started! Intro to VSF installation on Magento 2 To get started with VS we must start with some very […]

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