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| Case Studies, General | August 5, 2020
Samyakk improves traffic after PWA implementation

Samyakk, an Indian fashion store offering ethnic garments, went digital years ago. As selling through offline was yielding great revenue, there was no strong drive to invest serious resources in digital to change the status quo. However, that changed once Samyakk saw the real and tangible benefits that a mobile PWA could bring to their […]

| Community | March 24, 2020
Yehor Shytikov: PWA is a real revolution not only in eCommerce

With Yehor Shytikov, Software Engineer at THE COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF, we talk about how Progressive Web App will change the eCommerce sector. You worked for some time with Magento. What is your experience with this platform at the beginning and how did it change over the years? Yehor Shytikov, Software Engineer at THE […]

| Technical | May 27, 2019
Developer’s perspective: incorporating PWA technology into Magento 2 stores

What are the challenges of enriching Magento-based stores with PWA solutions? To find out, I met up with Tjitse and Eugene, developers from Vendic agency, who recently launched a PWA in the Meubelplaats furniture store. Tjitse, Eugene, give us a short intro to your latest project. What was the main objective of this project? The […]

| Community, Editor's picks  | May 7, 2019
Meet the VSF Team: Sander Mangel [interview]

The fastest growing eCommerce PWA solution just gained a new Technical Leader. What is his approach to open source, engaging the global community and strengthening a future-proof product? You will find answers to these questions in the interview below, but surely, with his guidance and strong spirit, the Vue Storefront community will thrive and steadily […]

| Technical | March 16, 2018
Proof of Concept —how to run PWA for Magento in a week

I’ve recently read that 2018 is a year of Progressive Web Apps. It’s like a teenage sex: everybody is reading about it, thinking about it but there are not so many cases to benchmark with. Especially in European Retail. Why is that? I think like with any new technology the barrier is a tendency to […]

| Technical | March 13, 2018
Headless eCommerce Toolkit

The good news is, if you like to build Progressive Web App or implement general use Headless eCommerce — most of the building blocks are already there. Most of them are Open Source. The time You need to spend to run the shop is mostly spend on the integration part — putting it all together Headless apps can be […]

| Technical | March 5, 2018
Vue Storefront — cart, totals, orders integration with Magento 2

Totals and cart sync with Magento One of the fundamental principles of the Vue Storefront architecture is full scalability. We’ve achieved excellent performance results by not relying on the Magento 2/CMS API performance. By implementing the “Divide and conquer” rule we created the middleware and external data store for the catalog using ElasticSearch. That was our […]

| Technical | January 31, 2018
Vue Storefront — how to install and integrate with Magento 2

Here is a short tutorial for developers — on how to connect Vue Storefront to Magento 2 instance and develop your own customizations. It’s probably a good starting point for your first VS based implementation. So, let’s get started! Intro to VSF installation on Magento 2 To get started with VS we must start with some very […]

| Technical | January 25, 2018
PWA — 10 questions about eCommerce and Magento

Piotr Karwatka, CTO at Divante, contributor at Vue Storefront is answering José Maria Beltramini questions about PWA. What about iOS compatibility? iOS (all browsers), Safari and MS Edge do support PWA in their latest Developer Preview Editions. That means the mechanisms are going to be supported in the next major release of the browser. It’s important […]

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