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| General | February 1, 2022
Headless Commerce Frontend: The Importance of It

Running eCommerce is becoming progressively a bigger effort. It is because of the rapid changes happening in the societal surrounding, the rise of competition, and the technology (both running an eCommerce and exposing results in search engines). To strive, compete or innovate brands need interactive, appealing and rival action at the well-performing headless frontend.  Here […]

| General | December 30, 2021
What is a Headless CMS?

In this piece, we will cover the matter of what precisely headless CMS is. What distinguishes headless CMS on the market, what are the benefits of headless CMS, how headless CMS works, why headless commerce and headless CMS gain popularity in an eCommerce world, and some tips on what to consider when choosing headless CMS […]

| General | December 20, 2021
Headless technology – how it all started

Monolithic and all-in-one bound tightly together eCommerce formations are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, businesses are leveraging headless technologies to enable experience-based headless commerce strategies and provide consumers with a better shopping experience. Benefits of headless technology  Headless technology refers to storing, managing, and delivering various types of content on an eCommerce website […]

| Business, General | November 22, 2021
How agencies create a stronger customer experience with a headless approach

In the wake of rapid transformation and emerging customer calls, eCommerce agencies need to take special care to ensure their position as a significant player. The pressure of time, resources, and performance necessitates fitting an eCommerce toolkit that warrants a path to further growth in addition to maintaining the status quo.  When considering (or actually […]

| Business, General | November 4, 2021
Where to start with headless commerce? A brief explanation for beginners or confused ones

Headless commerce and headless technology took over all the web buzz, thereby creating a lot of misinterpretation and a dose of confusion. Here we will briefly lay out the origins of headless technology, how it started, how it goes, a basic premise, and how it addresses different scale eCommerce.  How did headless technology kick-off? To […]

| General | September 2, 2021
Shopify with Headless CMS is a powerful combination

Recently, Shopify is gaining more and more users due to its trendy development and has a huge chance to become a big winner in eCommerce. However – despite all its undeniable merits – not all its elements are equally praised. One of the pieces that might be faced with a more robust alternative is CMS. […]

| General | August 30, 2021
Omnichannel is essential in retail. How Headless Commerce helps to embrace it

Synchronizing sales channels brings measurable benefits to sellers and buyers. The modern customer is becoming increasingly demanding. They want unlimited access to information, fast action, and offers tailored to individual needs. To meet their expectations and at the same time improve the way things work in the industry, online shops are implementing the omnichannel strategy […]

| Business, General | August 25, 2021
Going headless with Shopify. Change its frontend and shape the UX the way you want

Although many countries have opened physical trading in 2021, eCommerce continues to skyrocket. Numerous brick-and-mortar store owners are either moving their business online, opening it up, or adding digital channels to traditional ones. Recent stats show that Shopify is often chosen as a tech stack. This platform, especially among small and medium-sized businesses, is compelling, […]

| Business, General | July 5, 2021
Headless Commerce helps you to embrace the latest eCommerce trends

The eCommerce industry is exceptionally dynamic, and merchants have to stay ahead of the latest trends constantly. New solutions and technologies are continually emerging, brands are competing with competitors worldwide, and consumer awareness has also increased. Customers today expect top-notch service and tailor-made shopping experiences. Headless Commerce is an apparent ally in this race due […]

| Business, General | May 17, 2021
Which Headless CMSs Integrate with Vue Storefront?

Chasing customers’ attention that is divided into multiple online channels – from retail shops to the web and onwards to mobile, social media, areas included Augmented Reality and wearables – is not an easy task. Yet, it must be done, and it must be done fast. Any roadblocks in content delivery are slowing down the […]

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