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| General | July 2, 2020
The most optimized Vue Storefront 1.x so far

Vue Storefront 1.12 has just landed! The leading topics for the latest major release of VSF1.x were: performance, an additional Storefront UI based theme, and a new CLI interface.  During the 9 months from the last stable release, we’ve included more than 50 new improvements and a lot of optimizations and stabilization fixes. The major […]

| General | May 4, 2020
Capybara Theme 1.0rc2 is ready for production usage

It took us two intensive months to move the Capybara Theme from “Developer’s preview” status to “Release Candidate”. We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just achieved this important milestone! In the last weeks, our effort has been focused mostly on Capybara’s performance, keeping pace with Storefront UI and stabilization fixes. The theme has been […]

| Releases | February 27, 2020
How we created the Capybara Storefront UI Theme

We are releasing a new template for Vue Storefront! Capybara, which is an implementation of Storefront UI, brings Vue Storefront to another level. However, please bear in mind that the current version is a preview for developers and is by no means the finished article. We are still looking for contributors, so if you want […]

| General | February 20, 2020
Vue Storefront is not only one product, it’s an entire ecosystem. See what’s in it

With the growing popularity of Vue Storefront, we are aiming high. We’d like to become the industry standard for eCommerce frontends. This means duplicating the leadership status we’ve gained in the Magento PWA world across all other platforms, including custom backends. In order to do this, it is not enough to develop just a single […]

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