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| Business, General | February 22, 2022
The matter of API in Headless Commerce

In this piece, we cover the matter of API in eCommerce, headless technology and modern headless commerce. We set the focus on business reasoning behind the new approach towards efficient and modular eCommerce systems. Starting from the definition of an API, API-first commerce, its role in forming flexible online services, and the benefits of moving […]

| Business, General | May 7, 2021
The business value of API-first architecture

Today, vast amounts of data are processed and made available across different types of devices. As a result, digital service providers (both internal and external users) offer various APIs. But what does API and API-first architecture mean? What is API? API can be compared to a restaurant menu. It contains a list of dishes and […]

| General | June 26, 2020
Payment Request API — Giving Users The Final Push At Sales Funnel

Generally, users have to go through a lot while they are dealing with any online business— be it through native apps or Progressive Web Apps. Native apps find it really hard in driving traffic— but whatever they do— they have a reasonable conversion rate. On the other hand— web apps have more online footfall, but […]

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