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| Community, Releases, Technical | March 7, 2022
Vue Storefront – Odoo backend connector

Fully integrated open source ERP as a backend for Vue Storefront Vue Storefront is the world’s fastest-growing open-source headless eCommerce frontend, and Odoo the leading Open Source ERP integration is now ready, and on production mode. Creating a new integration is a huge effort and requires a lot of dedication and focus. Packing those small […]

| Community, Events, News | February 21, 2022
Brace yourselves – Vue Storefront Hackathon Journey has started!

You won’t believe what is about to start right now. Our hackathons are back! Better, greater, and global! Yes, global, we will begin with online events so that everyone can participate. There must be food, drinks, good internet, and companionship in a good hackathon. Going complete online means that some of these perks are impossible, […]

| Community, General, News | February 11, 2022
Don’t Panic! – We got a new place for our VSF Forum!

In the book series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Douglas Adams wrote that once the dolphins knew that the Earth was going to be destroyed for a hyperspatial express route, being the most intelligent creatures on the planet, the dolphins flew off the planet Earth, saying the iconic phrase “So long, and thanks for […]

| Technical | February 9, 2022
The new version of StorefrontUI is already available. Find out what has changed

The brand new version of StorefrontUI is here. 0.12.0 is one of the biggest releases we had in a while. It includes fixes for most burning issues and some new features as well. Our main goal was to make StorefrontUI even more performant. Check out how we approached it.  Introducing Nuxt Image support StorefrontUI 0.12.0 […]

| Business, General, News | February 8, 2022
Viktoria Guseva joins Vue Storefront as VP of Marketing

Rapid growth means keeping your head, up high. While we fuel headless commerce, we know that relentless expansion requires experience paired with clear goals. We are boldly looking to the future and moving forward. That’s why we’re excited to announce that as of February 2022, Viktoria Guseva has become VP of Marketing at Vue Storefront.  […]

| General | January 3, 2022
Vendure integrates with Vue Storefront. What can you expect from it?

Vendure, a young but skyrocketing headless eCommerce platform, is now integrated with Vue Storefront. This duo – with Vendure handling the backend logic and Vue Storefront connecting all frontend applications – is a perfect combination for developers looking for a modern and highly customizable tech stack for eCommerce. Vendure is definitely on a rising tide. […]

| Community, News | December 14, 2021
A new Github organization for Vue Storefront community projects

We are much grateful to the members of our community, developers, and enthusiasts who have helped develop Vue Storefront in all these years. Our mission is to improve the quality of vibrancy of our community at the Vue Storefront and make this environment a better place every day. To this effort, we would like to […]

| General, News | December 10, 2021
Marcin Kwiatkowski joins the Vue Storefront team as Magento Integration Lead Developer

Magento is an eCommerce platform that empowers thousands of retailers and brands. It is also the open-source on which the very first idea of what we now know as Vue Storefront was born. The undisputed origins of VSF are already written on the pages of the headless history. As we are heading towards new integrations, […]

| Business, General | December 6, 2021
Jeffrey Domingos takes over Partnerships & Alliances at Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront’s growth is accelerating, and with new roles and strategic positions, we head towards ambitious goals. As of December, our vital area of Partnerships and Alliances will be led by Jeffrey Domingos, former Director of Strategic Accounts at BORN group.  Exiting the first stage of innovative formation requires a sharp outlook on the global […]

| General, News | November 29, 2021
G, Gordana Vuckovic, joins Vue Storefront as Chief Revenue Officer

Having gained steadfast support and upon completing essential brand alterations, Vue Storefront is now thrilled to announce that since November, we reinforced our headless board with a new role – Chief Revenue Officer. Vue Storefront is even more excited to share that the new function has been accepted by Gordana Vuckovic, former EVP Global Sales […]

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