The last few months were a real rush. We worked silently (stealth mode) on a PaaS solution based on Vue Storefront. We wanted to have it ready before Meet Magento New York. Now, it’s ready!

Vue Storefront got pretty solid

Meet Magento New York, 2017 was the place of the first public Vue Storefront project announcement. Now, with 3.3K stars on Github, a few dozen live-sites, over 800 devs in the community and 80 active contributors, the project has proved its value.

It started and will be continued as an Open Source project with a monthly release cycle. We’re pushing it forward faster than ever — working mostly on quality, not quantity with each new release.

We’re really grateful to our Community for helping to make this happen. We’ve had a think — we believe we can make it even better.

Vue Storefront case studies
Just three of many Vue Storefront Case Studies

The solution integrated with Storefront Cloud

The Vue Storefront goals were to improve the Customer and Developer’s experience. Developer’s love our tech stack and the simplicity of working with the platform, and customers appreciate the speed and user experience it provides.

Vue Storefront works great as a framework, however, there are still dev-ops, and maintenance resources required to make it happen at scale. We decided that this is the missing piece of the puzzle, and we can provide it, resulting in a one-stop integrated service.

Storefront Cloud is a mobile-first eCommerce platform that helps you build an engaging user-experience across devices.

Increase mobile revenue by 20%

“The Progressive Web App (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) standards — introduced by Google, and currently getting traction, can be a game changer in this situation. A native-like user experience, and page loading times < 1s can increase conversion rates by 20–50% and more.” — Patryk Piątek, Co-founder of Storefront Cloud

The Storefront Cloud platform provides users with a complex mobile and desktop eCommerce frontend that is connected with your existing backend system.

It’s based on Vue Storefront. This allows you to use PWA and AMP technologies, which make the experience faster and smoother for the client, especially on mobile devices. Moreover, with the integrated Open Loyalty platform, merchants are provided with a whole set of tools for re-engaging users and managing all touchpoints (offline and online).

Open Loyalty
Open Loyalty Cloud platform is integrated with Storefront Cloud to optimize not only the Conversion Rate but also Customer Engagement.

Storefront Cloud architecture

Storefront Cloud — Technical Overview

The scalability is unlimited — and the scale is tailored by the Cloud Team to client’s traffic and sales needs. The Storefront Cloud stack has been built on Kubernetes. It’s based on micro-services, headless architecture using Amazon Web Services (like Cloudfront), Fastly, ElasticSearch and other cloud services to provide the required scalability and speed.

Storefront Cloud CLI
Although the Cloud service is paid, all tools used to manage it are published as Open Source. Check how it works:

No changes to your existing eCommerce are required. Storefront Cloud users are provided with full access to Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty solutions for preparing a customized user experience tailored to industry and customer habits.

Sotrefront Cloud documentation
Check out the Storefront Cloud architecture by reading the docs:

All Storefront Cloud users will receive access to the Storefront Cloud Help Center and a set of Command Line tools for managing the Kubernetes cluster, as well as the code deployments and staging environments.

Batteries Included

We’re providing Storefront Cloud users with a full set of tools required to manage the infrastructure and deployments.

Storefront Cloud Gitlab
We’re providing our users with full source code access via a dedicated Gitlab instance deployed automatically to our infrastructure.

You can check our Command Line tool on Github and read the Developer’s docs.

Beta Access Program

The service is currently available in the closed Beta Access Program for our partners and agencies. Please contact us to get an invitation and to test Storefront Cloud!