The idea behind Storefront UI—the first library consisting of reusable and modular components—is now extending beyond the reach of one particular framework. This means that a React integration is coming soon. Want to take part in the project? Feel free to contact us and become a contributor.

The open-source spirit has always driven the development of Storefront UI. Sharing knowledge is generally the core principle of the Vue Storefront team. Given that Storefront UI is a product that we consider as one of our brightest concepts, it is natural that we want to spread it. 

Based on the atomic design approach, Storefront UI allows developers to build unique, great-looking UI components quickly and easily. They can modify almost every aspect of the provided components and use them to make a fully customized eCommerce, not only an eCommerce storefront. It is all extremely easy to access. Every element has a set of slots that mean any part can be replaced with images, icons or even custom HTML markup. 

Storefront UI is safe, fast, and customizable. For now—as we decided to build it using Vue.js—it can only be used in projects based on that particular technological stack, which is contrary to our approach of breaking walled gardens. Our aim has always been to spread the idea as broadly as possible, and the React setup is the first step which moves us closer to achieving that goal. 

The `react-setup` branch is one of our most important projects right now. We are working on a port that will enable the Storefront UI to work with any front-end app. It should work with no issues with, e.g., PWA Studio, React Storefront (proven by some PoC’s already), and DEITY. We don't want to limit its usage to any particular frameworks or solutions. 

Thanks to the Aexol developers—particularly main contributor Anna Łysiuk—these aims have started to take real shape. 

At Aexol, I worked on products such as Foodel, a food delivery system that is continuously being improved. I've also gained experience with external projects in areas such as IoT in which I have used my JavaScript knowledge in a node-red environment. In most of these front-end projects, we are using the React library. 

Storefront UI interested us mainly because of its very promising approach in the eCommerce area to creating a UI library of components. It uses a modern technological stack; however, as we are working with React, we wanted to extend its reach beyond Vue.js. The non-technical factors also played some role. Storefront UI is created by people with extensive experience and diverse specializations, which speeds-up self-development.

Anna Łysiuk, front-end developer at Aexol.

If you share our belief that the technology should break boundaries not create them, join the excellent team responsible for building, developing, and expanding Storefront UI. 

… are waiting for you!

We'd be more than happy if you want to contribute and help make Storefront UI a real breakthrough in modern front-end development! You can find all the required information on our GitHub page