| Business | May 16, 2022
Digital Transformation in Commerce and Beyond: Lessons Learned

When 2020 took an unexpected turn in a really bad direction, the eCommerce industry was one of the few sectors that not just avoided harm, but actually grew. Driven by that strong and sudden boost, investors rushed to buy shares in Shopify and other eCommerce companies, making them a kind of winner when everything else […]

| News | May 5, 2022
Peter Van de Voorde joins Vue Storefront as VP of Community Growth

Last year, after gaining substantial investment support, we focused heavily on building the solid foundations that will allow us to serve our community better. It is an iterative process of growing and evolving, which is only becoming more crucial to success. Not long ago we welcomed Marc, our first developer advocate, and today we are […]

| General | April 29, 2022
What is the Storefront Meaning in eCommerce?

When Googling ‘the meaning of storefront in eCommerce,’ you find most snippets explaining it as part of monolithic solutions that comprise the entire eCommerce platform from frontend to backend.  Yes, the entire eCommerce platform you use is essential and valuable for your users and business. But we want to focus on the importance and value […]

| Community | April 27, 2022
How Our Team Member Jakub Helped Improve the DX of the New Nuxt 3 CLI

A few days ago, Nuxt Core Team released a new version of their latest major edition of Nuxt (called Nuxt 3) as a more stable release candidate version (RC). With it, several features like Static Site Generation (SSG), deployment presets, new middlewares, and many more were released. If you are not yet familiar with the […]

| General | April 27, 2022
8+ Benefits of Headless Commerce That Will Break Your Status Quo

Relentless eCommerce growth and rapidly changing customer behaviors have been pushing companies to speed up their digital transformation for years. However, a frequent problem is that their monolith, all-in-one IT legacy systems slow them down and block them from innovation.  Monoliths are simply incapable of keeping up with the pace of the eCommerce industry and […]

| Technical | April 12, 2022
You’re probably using Lighthouse wrong: How we got tricked by a single magic number

These days web performance is one of the most important things everyone wants to optimize on their apps, and it’s clear to everyone how dramatic the impact of a poorly optimized website is on business. Yet we as an industry completely fail in recognizing its complexity and widely misuse the most common tool to measure […]

| Business, News | April 6, 2022
Vue Storefront is now a Premier Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the commercetools Partner Program

“I’m pleased that Vue Storefront has become a premier ISV partner with commercetools. We at commercetools pride ourselves on giving our customers choice. Vue Storefront has been a wonderful partner to us at commercetools and their product has proven to be an excellent choice for many of our customers.” Kelly Goetsch, CPO at Commercetools Vue […]

| News, Releases, Technical | March 29, 2022
BigCommerce is now integrated with Vue Storefront

We’re excited to announce the stable release of the Vue Storefront 2 integration with BigCommerce – one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world! It’s the perfect combination of superior headless commerce made for speed and flexibility. Now with a lightning-fast frontend platform for headless commerce, it’s a great choice for the developers and […]

| Business, General | March 11, 2022
PWA in Headless Commerce – Everything You Should Know

PWA – Progressive Web Application – became a thing after 2015, when Google incorporated a strong focus on the mobile experience. 2015 was a pivotal year favoring PWAs, and the continued growth made them fit more and more into eCommerce. As eCommerce technology evolved, PWAs followed corresponding with the headless paradigm, to form now matching […]

| Community, Releases, Technical | March 7, 2022
Vue Storefront – Odoo backend connector

Fully integrated open source ERP as a backend for Vue Storefront Vue Storefront is the world’s fastest-growing open-source headless eCommerce frontend, and Odoo the leading Open Source ERP integration is now ready, and on production mode. Creating a new integration is a huge effort and requires a lot of dedication and focus. Packing those small […]

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