The time has come to organize ourselves better :) Meet the Vue Storefront Forum, a place dedicated to exchanging information between the growing number of developers and companies in our open-source ecosystem.

So far, Slack has been the most important communication channel for the Vue Storefront community, but with over 1000 developers on it, we faced growing chaos. There was a number of repeating questions, instructions and other important pieces of information that were difficult to find or reuse. We also wanted to improve information flow regarding new releases, integrations, and events.

The Vue Storefront Forum lets us put all that in order.

What’s in it?

With the newly launched forum, we wish to engage the Vue Storefront community to create a complete help center, and so in the Get Help section, we’re presenting basic knowledge about working with VS and answers to the most common questions regarding the implementation process, as well as working with more advanced VS features. If you’re facing any problem, it’s the place to start.

The VS forum’s goal is also to empower developers to cooperate on solving more complex ideas, and we encourage you to add issues related to theming, integrations, modules, core, hosting and production setup in the Development section.

Vue Storefront Forum

Vue Storefront is changing rapidly and we want to keep you all up-to-date regarding new releases, contributors, implementations and our roadmap. You will find it all in the News & Announcement section.

Another area tackled by the forum are all meetups and events. You guys are amazing at speeding up Vue Storefront development and community growth during workshops, hackathons, conferences or lectures, so the Events section is for you. Check it whenever you are looking for upcoming events organized by Vue Storefront’s partners or attended by its community.

Also, we are creating a Jobs section where you can look for experts or offer your openness for new projects regarding Vue Storefront.

Who can join The VS Forum?

As a core contributor to Vue Storefront, we have created the basics of this forum and we have opened it to everyone. The community is the best part of Vue Storefront and its greatest value proposition. Jump to the Welcome to the community section, to get to know other users of the forum and introduce yourself.

The VS Forum is a tool to improve everyone’s communication. We have prepared some basic rules of communication, but, above all, keep your language concise and respect other members of our community.

Start using the Vue Storefront Forum

The Vue Storefront Forum is available at, you can visit it whenever you’re looking for knowledge or wish to share some information. No need to search on Slack, social media or Medium :D

From now on, all knowledge gathered around Vue Storefront will be added and organized on the forum, where you can easily find it, access it and expand it. What’s more, within the VS forum, you get a simple connection with seasoned Vue Storefront developers and eCommerce PWA experts.

Like any other, the VS Forum is designed to grow in time. We are planning to add social logins in the near future. Also, we want to ensure that we are not giving up on Slack. The two channels will exist simultaneously and actually, we are going to integrate Slack with the forum so it will be easier to switch between them. Feel free to share your questions or knowledge there, and also visit it frequently to discover new sections, topics, and users.

We believe in the power of open solutions and so we built The Vue Storefront Forum on Discourse, an open-source piece of software used by Vue.js, Twitter and Docker and highly appreciated by developers.