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| Business, Editor's picks  | June 9, 2022
Headless Commerce and SEO: How The Two Get Along

Headless commerce is on the rise; there is no doubt about it. Enterprises, big brands, and multinational eCommerce companies are all seriously looking into the potential of dumping their monoliths in favor of composable systems, or they have made the shift already.  But changing the whole architecture is quite an endeavor. You and your team […]

| Business, Editor's picks  | May 16, 2022
Digital Transformation in Commerce and Beyond: Lessons Learned

When 2020 took an unexpected turn in a really bad direction, the eCommerce industry was one of the few sectors that not just avoided harm, but actually grew. Driven by that strong and sudden boost, investors rushed to buy shares in Shopify and other eCommerce companies, making them a kind of winner when everything else […]

| Editor's picks , News | February 22, 2022
Vue Storefront closes $17,4 million Series A financing to become a standard Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce

After raising $1.5 million in the early-stage investment round, Vue Storefront has just closed $17,4 million in Series A funding led by Creandum followed by Earlybird Venture Capital and Paua Ventures. The company will invest the funds to scale up its business and expand its reach to merchants from the SMB sector. The last round […]

| Editor's picks , Technical | December 19, 2019
Vue Storefront — What’s Next?

After almost 3 years of building Vue Storefront together with our community, we learned a lot. It’s safe to say that after such a long time we have very deep and unique knowledge about the needs, weaknesses, and strengths of headless eCommerce. From the very beginning, we were constantly improving Vue Storefront with every iteration […]

| Business, Editor's picks , Technical | February 4, 2019
Introduction to Vue Storefront — a quick ‘getting started’ guide

Vue Storefront is rather a complex solution with a lot of possibilities. Learning all of them can take some time. In this article, I’ll try to explain all its crucial concepts in a few minutes to prove that it’s all you need to start playing with Vue Storefront. What is Vue Storefront? Vue Storefront is […]

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