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| Technical | March 13, 2020
How Storefront UI solves website accessibility issues with custom directives

Let’s cut to the chase… 2020 will be the year of accessible web pages. It is already required by law for federal and government websites to follow WCAG guidelines, and it is only a matter of time when accessibility becomes the next must-have, particularly in eCommerce sites where access to all people at all times […]

| General, Technical | February 13, 2020
What headless CMS is and how it works

Headless apps, in general, is a relatively new approach, but developers are very often the early adopters for new tools and practices. Moreover, when it comes to content management, especially text content, they have a lot to say. They manage heavy code-bases on a daily basis and the separation of the backend concern from the […]

| Business, Technical | February 4, 2020
What is headless architecture, and why is it the future of eCommerce solutions?

This relatively new concept of software development is becoming one of the most significant trends that will soon change the face of eCommerce. Based on the idea of separating the UI (frontend) from the application logic (backend), it provides even the most mature businesses with the maneuverability and flexibility of a start-up. "Headless architecture" is […]

| Editor's picks , Technical | December 19, 2019
Vue Storefront — What’s Next?

After almost 3 years of building Vue Storefront together with our community, we learned a lot. It’s safe to say that after such a long time we have very deep and unique knowledge about the needs, weaknesses, and strengths of headless eCommerce. From the very beginning, we were constantly improving Vue Storefront with every iteration […]

| Editor's picks , Technical | December 10, 2019
Storefront API — a new backend agnostic product

I personally really like to think that what we’ve already done, what we’re working on — it’s just a beginning. As idealistic as it sounds it’s very often so true. Storefront API is a GraphQL unified API for any frontend you might want to have: Angular, React, Vue — no problem. Storefront API — General Purpose, GraphQL eCommerce Gateway Storefront API […]

| General, Technical | November 29, 2019
Developer’s perspective: Vue Storefront for a great CX in eCommerce [interview]

Alek is an independent UX designer and front-end dev for whom the Vue Storefront framework provides an efficient toolset for creating seamless customer experience in online stores. In this interview, we ask Alek about his experiences with Vue Storefront. You decided to use Vue Storefront in several online stores (DW Shop, FLYN Wetsuits). As an […]

| Technical | November 21, 2019
Platform Agnostic Frontend — how does it work?

One of the key USPs (Unique Selling Proposition — unique feature) of Vue storefront is that it might work with any eCommerce backend platform. We do support quite many backends just outside the box: Magento1 and Magento2, Pimcore, EpiServer, Spree, OpenCart, Shopware6. … but there is a way to integrate your own, 3rd party platform as well. […]

| Releases, Technical | October 3, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.11 and The Roadmap update

We’ve just released the Vue Storefront 1.11rc-1. It has introduced quite a lot of refactoring and upgrades. This is going to be the best and most stable Vue Storefront release so far. We’re really proud of it and now we’re finally ready to streamline and stabilize upgrades/release cycle. The Best Release so far We’re really proud […]

| Technical | August 15, 2019
Caching on production

I’ve got recently a few questions regarding the best caching strategies for Vue Storefront on production. We’ve got the production setup options explained in our docs but the caching part was apparently missed. That’s why I decided to put a few words on this topic. Here we go! SSR Output Cache Vue Storefront supports a very […]

| Releases, Technical | June 26, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.10-rc

We are happy to announce that release candidate for Vue Storefront 1.10 is now ready to test! In this release, despite stabilization and bug fixing, we focused on improving Vue Storefront frontend API layer and expanding possibilities of current features. Even more exciting things happened outside of the code world. Let me walk you through […]