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| Releases | August 18, 2021
Unlock limitless possibilities with Shopify Integration

Outstanding results achieved by Pure Daily Care when it went headless with Vue Storefront had already proved that this is the right direction also for Shopify-based stores, but nothing would have happened without the Aureate Labs. This Vue Storefront Core Partner is responsible for the Shopify Integration creation, and here is the story that will […]

| Releases | November 10, 2020
Talon.One and Vue Storefront are officially partners

The partnership between Talon.One – the world’s most powerful Promotion Engine and Vue Storefront, stand-alone, platform-agnostic code library, was inevitable. Why? We are both strong advocates of a modern approach referred to as “composable commerce” by Gartner, and we both believe that it is about to change the way we think of building eCommerce software. […]

| Releases | August 6, 2020
The Developer Preview of Vue Storefront for Shopify is here!

[UPDATE] Vue Storefront <> Shopify integration is now production-ready.Check it out on GitHub. We are more than happy to announce that another Vue Storefront integration is already available. This time all credits go to Aureate Labs, our partner, thanks to whom Shopify-based businesses will be able to enjoy the unlimited possibilities of customization without compromising […]

| Releases | March 17, 2020
Spree Commerce and Vue Storefront integration for uncompromising mobile users

Spree Commerce is an open source eCommerce platform built with Ruby on Rails. Spree features a modern responsive frontend but, as its core team, we decided to build an alternative PWA frontend using Vue Storefront and integrate it with an Instagram feed and an influencer referral program. To test it all, we launched a live […]

| Releases | February 27, 2020
How we created the Capybara Storefront UI Theme

We are releasing a new template for Vue Storefront! Capybara, which is an implementation of Storefront UI, brings Vue Storefront to another level. However, please bear in mind that the current version is a preview for developers and is by no means the finished article. We are still looking for contributors, so if you want […]

| News, Releases | November 25, 2019
Upcoming Vue Storefront releases and the roadmap

We have released Vue Storefront 1.11-rc2, which means that the stable version 1.11 is right around the corner, but it’s not the only news that we want to share with you! Hello! First of all, let me introduce myself because some of you probably don’t know why even I’m the author of this blog post. I’m Patryk, […]

| Releases, Technical | October 3, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.11 and The Roadmap update

We’ve just released the Vue Storefront 1.11rc-1. It has introduced quite a lot of refactoring and upgrades. This is going to be the best and most stable Vue Storefront release so far. We’re really proud of it and now we’re finally ready to streamline and stabilize upgrades/release cycle. The Best Release so far We’re really proud […]

| Releases, Technical | June 26, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.10-rc

We are happy to announce that release candidate for Vue Storefront 1.10 is now ready to test! In this release, despite stabilization and bug fixing, we focused on improving Vue Storefront frontend API layer and expanding possibilities of current features. Even more exciting things happened outside of the code world. Let me walk you through […]

| Releases, Technical | May 6, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.9 — custom URLs, Marketplace challenge and new live websites

Version 1.9 is the first stable release in the new release cycle and the effects are stunning! Not only it’s the most stable version of all time but we managed to ship great features. There are also 5 new modules from our community and 5 new live VSF shops! It’s amazing to post such great […]

| Releases, Technical | March 7, 2019
Vue Storefront 1.9-rc— new release cycle, Hybris and Prismic integrations

Version 1.9 is a huge milestone in Vue Storefront history. It’s not only a new release. It’s our promise to the community that Vue Storefront is mature enough to be a trustworthy enterprise solution that can keep its position as a leader in eCommerce Storefronts. New release cycle Since the product is mature enough to fulfill […]

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