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| News | May 17, 2022
Vue Storefront is proud to announce new partnership with Webscale

“By partnering with Webscale, we provide the most performant PWA solution that gives developers the flexibility to create differentiating customer experiences in a fraction of the time, to increase conversion rates and revenue.” Gordana Vuckovic, Chief Revenue Officer at Vue Storefront Webscale’s CloudEDGE PWA needs no introduction. They are known and trusted by eCommerce developers […]

| News | May 5, 2022
Peter Van de Voorde joins Vue Storefront as VP of Community Growth

Last year, after gaining substantial investment support, we focused heavily on building the solid foundations that will allow us to serve our community better. It is an iterative process of growing and evolving, which is only becoming more crucial to success. Not long ago we welcomed Marc, our first developer advocate, and today we are […]

| Business, News | April 6, 2022
Vue Storefront is now a Premier Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the commercetools Partner Program

“I’m pleased that Vue Storefront has become a premier ISV partner with commercetools. We at commercetools pride ourselves on giving our customers choice. Vue Storefront has been a wonderful partner to us at commercetools and their product has proven to be an excellent choice for many of our customers.” Kelly Goetsch, CPO at Commercetools Vue […]

| News, Releases, Technical | March 29, 2022
BigCommerce is now integrated with Vue Storefront

We’re excited to announce the stable release of the Vue Storefront 2 integration with BigCommerce – one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world! It’s the perfect combination of superior headless commerce made for speed and flexibility. Now with a lightning-fast frontend platform for headless commerce, it’s a great choice for the developers and […]

| Community, Events, News | February 21, 2022
Brace yourselves – Vue Storefront Hackathon Journey has started!

You won’t believe what is about to start right now. Our hackathons are back! Better, greater, and global! Yes, global, we will begin with online events so that everyone can participate. There must be food, drinks, good internet, and companionship in a good hackathon. Going complete online means that some of these perks are impossible, […]

| Community, General, News | February 11, 2022
Don’t Panic! – We got a new place for our VSF Forum!

In the book series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Douglas Adams wrote that once the dolphins knew that the Earth was going to be destroyed for a hyperspatial express route, being the most intelligent creatures on the planet, the dolphins flew off the planet Earth, saying the iconic phrase “So long, and thanks for […]

| Community, News | February 9, 2022
Always green community! 💚 – Vue Storefront from 2021 to 2022 upwards

We all know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but we believe it doesn’t relate to the Vue Storefront community. What do we mean by that? Plants need love and attention. In exchange for that, they will produce oxygen you breathe or the food you eat. Being in nature by […]

| Business, General, News | February 8, 2022
Viktoria Guseva joins Vue Storefront as VP of Marketing

Rapid growth means keeping your head, up high. While we fuel headless commerce, we know that relentless expansion requires experience paired with clear goals. We are boldly looking to the future and moving forward. That’s why we’re excited to announce that as of February 2022, Viktoria Guseva has become VP of Marketing at Vue Storefront.  […]

| Community, News | January 14, 2022
A Penny for Your Thoughts – Our Community Sponsorship Program is Live!

The time has come to finally announce Vue Storefront Community Sponsorship Program. Yes, you heard it right, ops, read it right. We want to sponsor our most active community members and projects in this program. The idea behind this program is to embrace our community and valorize our top contributors in the Vue Storefront ecosystem. […]

| News | January 7, 2022
Marc Backes, First Developer Advocate at Vue Storefront

We have amazing news for the beginning of 2022! We are beyond excited to welcome on board Marc Backes, who joins Vue Storefront as the first-ever Developer Advocate! 📣

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