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| News | May 22, 2020
Vue Storefront becomes commercetools Tech Partner

Cooperation between Vue Storefront and commercetools has been going on for some time, during which Vue Storefront became a part of commercetools Accelerator as a recommended frontend. Now it is time to make it formal: we are now officially a Tech Partner of commercetools, a platform that was recently identified by Forrester as a “Leader” […]

| News | December 23, 2019
New eCommerce integration for commercetools: Vue Storefront-based PWA

Headless storefronts are becoming more and more popular and the market shows us that demand for this software is growing rapidly. Customers keep asking for different eCommerce platforms and the most mentioned one is commercetools — here is where the journey starts. Vue Storefront Next in the making Not so long ago, we started an R&D […]

| News | December 21, 2019
Vue Storefront current status and roadmap

We are constantly improving and working on Vue Storefront. The community is growing rapidly and the product is becoming more and more popular among businesses. We would like to show you a roadmap and what is going on behind the scenes. We recently had a really cool hangout with our community, during which we showed […]

| News, Releases | November 25, 2019
Upcoming Vue Storefront releases and the roadmap

We have released Vue Storefront 1.11-rc2, which means that the stable version 1.11 is right around the corner, but it’s not the only news that we want to share with you! Hello! First of all, let me introduce myself because some of you probably don’t know why even I’m the author of this blog post. I’m Patryk, […]

| News | June 11, 2019
Vue Storefront Community Support — let’s meet our QA Team

As you know, our community is continuously growing, and we’re doing our best to provide you with the support you need. That is why we are excited to introduce several ideas for improvements in this field! First of all — Slack. It is a great place to exchange knowledge, discuss, and verify ideas. We do […]

| Community, News | April 24, 2019
Winners of the Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge

Ready or not, it’s time to resolve the Vue Storefront Marketplace Challenge 🙂 The competition was strong but in the end, we selected 3 excellent modules and integrations for Vue Storefront. We also listed all submitted solutions on the VS Forum. With this challenge, we wanted to encourage freelance developers and partnering companies to share top […]

| Community, News | March 15, 2019
Embrace the Vue Storefront Forum

The time has come to organize ourselves better 🙂 Meet the Vue Storefront Forum, a place dedicated to exchanging information between the growing number of developers and companies in our open-source ecosystem. So far, Slack has been the most important communication channel for the Vue Storefront community, but with over 1000 developers on it, we faced […]

| Business, News, Releases | November 2, 2018
Storefront Cloud is out!

The last few months were a real rush. We worked silently (stealth mode) on a PaaS solution based on Vue Storefront. We wanted to have it ready before Meet Magento New York. Now, it’s ready! Vue Storefront got pretty solid Meet Magento New York, 2017 was the place of the first public Vue Storefront project […]

| Business, Community, Events, News | October 31, 2018
Vue Storefront 1.5, Core Partners, Hackathon, and new Website

This Autumn is really heating up for the Vue Storefront community. Last Friday, the third official Vue Storefront Hackathon hit a record number of attendees! Today, we’re releasing Vue Storefront 1.5, including the new VS logo and a redesigned website… … and it’s not enough for us 🙂 Tomorrow at Meet Magento NYC we’ll present a […]

| Business, Events, News, Releases | October 8, 2018
Vue Storefront 1.4 with GraphQL support

We’re really excited about this release. Vue Storefront 1.4 is available. Thanks to our partner PHOENIX MEDIA we were able to implement GraphQL Support to Vue Storefront. Moreover, we kept things backward compatible by adding data abstraction layer. And that’s not all … New features We’ve started works on new Documentation — and some key docs already have […]

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