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| General | April 29, 2022
What is the Storefront Meaning in eCommerce?

When Googling ‘the meaning of storefront in eCommerce,’ you find most snippets explaining it as part of monolithic solutions that comprise the entire eCommerce platform from frontend to backend.  Yes, the entire eCommerce platform you use is essential and valuable for your users and business. But we want to focus on the importance and value […]

| General | April 27, 2022
8+ Benefits of Headless Commerce That Will Break Your Status Quo

Relentless eCommerce growth and rapidly changing customer behaviors have been pushing companies to speed up their digital transformation for years. However, a frequent problem is that their monolith, all-in-one IT legacy systems slow them down and block them from innovation.  Monoliths are simply incapable of keeping up with the pace of the eCommerce industry and […]

| Business, General | March 11, 2022
PWA in Headless Commerce – Everything You Should Know

PWA – Progressive Web Application – became a thing after 2015, when Google incorporated a strong focus on the mobile experience. 2015 was a pivotal year favoring PWAs, and the continued growth made them fit more and more into eCommerce. As eCommerce technology evolved, PWAs followed corresponding with the headless paradigm, to form now matching […]

| Community, Events, General | March 1, 2022
We are back! Hackathon – New prizes, Dates & Donations for Ukraine

“Peace is always beautiful.” – Walt Whitman Love, peace, and smiles are the best ways to create a world where everybody can live in peace and harmony. We are living in the calmest era in human history. Some of us are not even aware of the actual damage and hardships ongoing war is causing in […]

| General | February 24, 2022
How do we care about UI accessibility in Storefront UI?

Why is UI accessibility so important? What are the most common accessibility issues and how to detect them? In this article, I will provide you with answers to those questions. What’s more, I’ll show you how the Storefront UI library helps to take care of all those accessibility-related errors. Let’s go! What is UI accessibility? […]

| General, Technical | February 23, 2022
Optimizing images with nuxt-image, StorefrontUI, and Vue Storefront

Why you should optimize images? Image optimization is very important for web performance. You need to have optimized images – small, compressed and served in modern formats to have a fast website. It also directly impacts your server/cloud transfer size – if you have bigger images, it generates higher costs. For an eCommerce website, often […]

| Business, General | February 22, 2022
The matter of API in Headless Commerce

In this piece, we cover the matter of API in eCommerce, headless technology and modern headless commerce. We set the focus on business reasoning behind the new approach towards efficient and modular eCommerce systems. Starting from the definition of an API, API-first commerce, its role in forming flexible online services, and the benefits of moving […]

| Community, General, News | February 11, 2022
Don’t Panic! – We got a new place for our VSF Forum!

In the book series “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Douglas Adams wrote that once the dolphins knew that the Earth was going to be destroyed for a hyperspatial express route, being the most intelligent creatures on the planet, the dolphins flew off the planet Earth, saying the iconic phrase “So long, and thanks for […]

| General | February 8, 2022
2021 Recap by Patrick Friday, CEO at Vue Storefront

2021 was a fantastic year for Vue Storefront. When you are in your first operating year as a startup, you have no historical data to prepare goals for a particular year. And 2021 went way beyond our expectations. But let’s start from the beginning. How did it start? Vue Storefront has two lives: before & […]

| Business, General, News | February 8, 2022
Viktoria Guseva joins Vue Storefront as VP of Marketing

Rapid growth means keeping your head, up high. While we fuel headless commerce, we know that relentless expansion requires experience paired with clear goals. We are boldly looking to the future and moving forward. That’s why we’re excited to announce that as of February 2022, Viktoria Guseva has become VP of Marketing at Vue Storefront.  […]

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