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| Community, Events, General | March 1, 2022
We are back! Hackathon – New prizes, Dates & Donations for Ukraine

“Peace is always beautiful.” – Walt Whitman Love, peace, and smiles are the best ways to create a world where everybody can live in peace and harmony. We are living in the calmest era in human history. Some of us are not even aware of the actual damage and hardships ongoing war is causing in […]

| Community, Events, News | February 21, 2022
Brace yourselves – Vue Storefront Hackathon Journey has started!

You won’t believe what is about to start right now. Our hackathons are back! Better, greater, and global! Yes, global, we will begin with online events so that everyone can participate. There must be food, drinks, good internet, and companionship in a good hackathon. Going complete online means that some of these perks are impossible, […]

| Events, General | April 23, 2021
Vue Storefront Summit 2021: Short summary and every video

Vue Storefront Summit, the first event that we organized as an independent company, is over, and – before the dust will settle – we’d like to sum it up for those of us who couldn’t join. Here we go! But first thing first, a few words of self-bragging. We hi-five ourselves and – seriously – […]

| Events | September 13, 2018
Vue Storefront Hackathon#2 — thank You!

Last Friday was a good day for Vue Storefront project 🙂 Big thanks to for the Vue Storefront Hackathon#2 in Poznań! During yesterday’s whole-day session we hosted around 25 developers at’s office + around 10 more people joined us remotely. Guys from Argentina were with us from 4:00 AM their time (!). You […]

| Events | August 1, 2018
VS 1.2, Hackathon, Vue.js core team at our office, VoiceCommands.js

Today morning we released Vue Storefront 1.2. Congratulations to the team! Looking forward for Your feedback. This release was focused mostly on the bugfixes and minor improvements. New features Docker support for vue-storefront How to setup Vue Storefront on production docs added [#1450] Integration tests for Compare products added [#1422] Wishlist module refactored to the […]

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