| General, Technical | February 13, 2020
What headless CMS is and how it works

Headless apps, in general, is a relatively new approach, but developers are very often the early adopters for new tools and practices. Moreover, when it comes to content management, especially text content, they have a lot to say. They manage heavy code-bases on a daily basis and the separation of the backend concern from the […]

| Technical | August 15, 2019
Caching on production

I’ve got recently a few questions regarding the best caching strategies for Vue Storefront on production. We’ve got the production setup options explained in our docs but the caching part was apparently missed. That’s why I decided to put a few words on this topic. Here we go! SSR Output Cache Vue Storefront supports a very […]

| General | January 28, 2019
Vue Storefront lessons learned: 7 books to inspire your open source project

Crafting a software product, like Vue Storefront, is a pretty rich experience. Many different factors contribute to the success of an endeavor — or its failure. It’s like mixing lean startup, project management and coding altogether 🙂 Here’s a very subjective list of the books worth reading to better get how successful software is made: Crossing the Chasm […]

| Events | September 13, 2018
Vue Storefront Hackathon#2 — thank You!

Last Friday was a good day for Vue Storefront project 🙂 Big thanks to for the Vue Storefront Hackathon#2 in Poznań! During yesterday’s whole-day session we hosted around 25 developers at’s office + around 10 more people joined us remotely. Guys from Argentina were with us from 4:00 AM their time (!). You […]

| Events | August 1, 2018
VS 1.2, Hackathon, Vue.js core team at our office, VoiceCommands.js

Today morning we released Vue Storefront 1.2. Congratulations to the team! Looking forward for Your feedback. This release was focused mostly on the bugfixes and minor improvements. New features Docker support for vue-storefront How to setup Vue Storefront on production docs added [#1450] Integration tests for Compare products added [#1422] Wishlist module refactored to the […]

| Technical | March 16, 2018
Proof of Concept —how to run PWA for Magento in a week

I’ve recently read that 2018 is a year of Progressive Web Apps. It’s like a teenage sex: everybody is reading about it, thinking about it but there are not so many cases to benchmark with. Especially in European Retail. Why is that? I think like with any new technology the barrier is a tendency to […]

| Technical | March 13, 2018
Headless eCommerce Toolkit

The good news is, if you like to build Progressive Web App or implement general use Headless eCommerce — most of the building blocks are already there. Most of them are Open Source. The time You need to spend to run the shop is mostly spend on the integration part — putting it all together Headless apps can be […]

| Technical | February 13, 2018
Why we choose Vue.js over React for Vue Storefront

As Vue Storefront is getting it’s momentum, first production grade deployments are live quite often I hear the questions: OK, so why the heck you’ve chosen Vue.js over React? So here’s the story. Disclaimer This is just subjective list of the key reasons why we choose Vue for Vue Storefront — not a general comparison why one […]

| Technical | February 6, 2018
Progressive Web App strategies — Strangler Pattern

Here’s the first post in the series showing how Progressive Web Apps and microservices architecture can be introduced to your existing applications. As systems age, the development tools and system architectures they were built on can become increasingly obsolete. As new features and functionality are added, the complexity of these applications can increase dramatically, making […]

| Technical | January 31, 2018
Vue Storefront — how to install and integrate with Magento 2

Here is a short tutorial for developers — on how to connect Vue Storefront to Magento 2 instance and develop your own customizations. It’s probably a good starting point for your first VS based implementation. So, let’s get started! Intro to VSF installation on Magento 2 To get started with VS we must start with some very […]

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