| Business, General | January 12, 2022
Best Headless Commerce Platforms in 2022

In early 2022, we rolled up our sleeves and decided to get straight to the point. Which is? To help businesses sort out and clarify the confusion that has arisen around headless topics. In this piece, you will find some of the examples of the best headless commerce platforms. You will get some hints at […]

| General | December 30, 2021
What is a Headless CMS?

In this piece, we will cover the matter of what precisely headless CMS is. What distinguishes headless CMS on the market, what are the benefits of headless CMS, how headless CMS works, why headless commerce and headless CMS gain popularity in an eCommerce world, and some tips on what to consider when choosing headless CMS […]

| General | December 20, 2021
Headless technology – how it all started

Monolithic and all-in-one bound tightly together eCommerce formations are becoming a thing of the past. Instead, businesses are leveraging headless technologies to enable experience-based headless commerce strategies and provide consumers with a better shopping experience. Benefits of headless technology  Headless technology refers to storing, managing, and delivering various types of content on an eCommerce website […]

| General, News | December 10, 2021
Marcin Kwiatkowski joins the Vue Storefront team as Magento Integration Lead Developer

Magento is an eCommerce platform that empowers thousands of retailers and brands. It is also the open-source on which the very first idea of what we now know as Vue Storefront was born. The undisputed origins of VSF are already written on the pages of the headless history. As we are heading towards new integrations, […]

| Business, General | December 6, 2021
Jeffrey Domingos takes over Partnerships & Alliances at Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront’s growth is accelerating, and with new roles and strategic positions, we head towards ambitious goals. As of December, our vital area of Partnerships and Alliances will be led by Jeffrey Domingos, former Director of Strategic Accounts at BORN group.  Exiting the first stage of innovative formation requires a sharp outlook on the global […]

| General, News | November 29, 2021
G, Gordana Vuckovic, joins Vue Storefront as Chief Revenue Officer

Having gained steadfast support and upon completing essential brand alterations, Vue Storefront is now thrilled to announce that since November, we reinforced our headless board with a new role – Chief Revenue Officer. Vue Storefront is even more excited to share that the new function has been accepted by Gordana Vuckovic, former EVP Global Sales […]

| Business, General | November 22, 2021
How agencies create a stronger customer experience with a headless approach

In the wake of rapid transformation and emerging customer calls, eCommerce agencies need to take special care to ensure their position as a significant player. The pressure of time, resources, and performance necessitates fitting an eCommerce toolkit that warrants a path to further growth in addition to maintaining the status quo.  When considering (or actually […]

| Business, General | November 4, 2021
Where to start with headless commerce? A brief explanation for beginners or confused ones

Headless commerce and headless technology took over all the web buzz, thereby creating a lot of misinterpretation and a dose of confusion. Here we will briefly lay out the origins of headless technology, how it started, how it goes, a basic premise, and how it addresses different scale eCommerce.  How did headless technology kick-off? To […]

| Business, General | October 19, 2021
Future-proofing Shopify’s performance with Headless Commerce – Vue Storefront & Contentful perfect blending use

Building and shaping an ultra-fast online shopping experience that resonates with a diverse audience is the holy grail of eCommerce. Online performance relies on matters of speed and time, and the disintegration of monoliths into a headless architecture is the answer to the online retail landscape’s challenges. Here you can find a cause-and-effect study of […]

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