| News | February 28, 2022
Vue Storefront joins Y Combinator

The investment came shortly after raising $1,5M in a Seed round. Vue Storefront is the 5th Polish startup participating in this, one of the best in Silicon Valley accelerators. How did it convince the decision-makers to put the money? ‍ Vue Storefront came from Open Source, therefore it has no-vendor lock-in (always giving access to […]

| Editor's picks , News | February 22, 2022
Vue Storefront closes $17,4 million Series A financing to become a standard Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce

After raising $1.5 million in the early-stage investment round, Vue Storefront has just closed $17,4 million in Series A funding led by Creandum followed by Earlybird Venture Capital and Paua Ventures. The company will invest the funds to scale up its business and expand its reach to merchants from the SMB sector. The last round […]

| Business | February 17, 2022
Vue Storefront joins forces with Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a headless and API-first eCommerce system, allowing enterprise-scale merchants to integrate it into their chosen best-of-breed solutions, and has just joined the growing family of Vue Storefront partners. We couldn’t be prouder to join forces with such a high-profile company and are certain that together we can bring even greater value to […]

| News | February 5, 2022
Vue Storefront raises $1.5M to turn the fastest growing open source eCommerce project into a business

Vue Storefront, broadly recognized by open-source enthusiasts as the leading PWA eCommerce solution, has just become an independent company and raised $1.5 million in an early-stage round led by SMOK Ventures and Movens VC. The company will invest the funds in the further development of the cloud-native storefront that enables eCommerce enterprises to improve their […]

| General | January 3, 2022
Vendure integrates with Vue Storefront. What can you expect from it?

Vendure, a young but skyrocketing headless eCommerce platform, is now integrated with Vue Storefront. This duo – with Vendure handling the backend logic and Vue Storefront connecting all frontend applications – is a perfect combination for developers looking for a modern and highly customizable tech stack for eCommerce. Vendure is definitely on a rising tide. […]

| General | September 27, 2021
Performance is challenging. How does Vue Storefront address the issue?

According to a Deloitte study, improving website speed by just 0.1s causes an 8.4% increase in conversions with retail consumers and an average order value of 9.2%. When it comes to customer engagement, it increases by 5.2%. Hence, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that poor performance kills your sales; it will be only […]

| General | August 20, 2021
What’s it like to be a Technology Leader at a start-up? It’s like being the Jack of all trades but also a master in one

photo: Sunrise at Volcano Teide de Tenerife ~3,175m (Vue Storefront Workation, 2021) Jakub Andrzejewski is still ahead of his Master’s degree, but – which is pretty typical in the industry – he is by no means a newbie in the IT world. He switched companies four times, worked as a front-end and back-end developer, was […]

| General | July 12, 2021
Build your POC in 30 days with Vue Storefront Enterprise free trial [UPDATE 2022]

Don’t waste time — check out our free trial and see for yourself how Vue Storefront and an eCommerce platform like commercetools, Elastic Path, and BigCommere can enrich your online store.  The 30-day trial will enable you to build an eCommerce solution uniquely aligned with your business needs. After the registration, you will get not […]

| General | July 1, 2021
Vue Storefront and Bloomreach join forces to make online shopping a meaningful, personal experience

Bloomreach, the API-centered platform focused on increasing digital experience for eCommerce, which just recently was valued at $900 million, became our official partner! Together, we will support eCommerce businesses in making them more experience-led direction and cater to consumers.  With a set of goals in common, collaboration was inevitable. As a bodiless frontend platform, Vue […]

| Business, General | May 17, 2021
Which Headless CMSs Integrate with Vue Storefront?

Chasing customers’ attention that is divided into multiple online channels – from retail shops to the web and onwards to mobile, social media, areas included Augmented Reality and wearables – is not an easy task. Yet, it must be done, and it must be done fast. Any roadblocks in content delivery are slowing down the […]

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