| Community | April 27, 2022
How Our Team Member Jakub Helped Improve the DX of the New Nuxt 3 CLI

A few days ago, Nuxt Core Team released a new version of their latest major edition of Nuxt (called Nuxt 3) as a more stable release candidate version (RC). With it, several features like Static Site Generation (SSG), deployment presets, new middlewares, and many more were released. If you are not yet familiar with the […]

| Technical | October 11, 2021
Performance checklist for Vue and Nuxt

Improving the performance of web applications will always be sexy. We want the page to load faster, smoother, and without too many layout shifts (Core Web Vitals, I am looking at you 😉). If you search in Google for terms like vue/nuxt performance you will get a bunch of documentation and articles you can use […]

| General | September 23, 2021
Building Nest.js Microservices is that simple!

Nest.js is a progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable, and scalable server-side applications. This definition, although very accurate, doesn’t indicate when to use Nest.js in the next project. Want to build Nest.js microservices? I’ll try to throw some light on that issue. Nest.js can be seen as Angular on the backend (as one of […]

| General | September 9, 2021
Continuous performance checks in Nuxt.js with Lighthouse CI and Github Actions

Performance optimization is an area of software development that you will most probably meet at some point in your professional career. In this tutorial, I won’t be talking about how you can improve the performance of your Vue.js or Nuxt.js applications – it is explained very well in the tutorial series written by our man […]

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