| General, Technical | November 29, 2019
Developer’s perspective: Vue Storefront for a great CX in eCommerce [interview]

Alek is an independent UX designer and front-end dev for whom the Vue Storefront framework provides an efficient toolset for creating seamless customer experience in online stores. In this interview, we ask Alek about his experiences with Vue Storefront. You decided to use Vue Storefront in several online stores (DW Shop, FLYN Wetsuits). As an […]

| Technical | May 27, 2019
Developer’s perspective: incorporating PWA technology into Magento 2 stores

What are the challenges of enriching Magento-based stores with PWA solutions? To find out, I met up with Tjitse and Eugene, developers from Vendic agency, who recently launched a PWA in the Meubelplaats furniture store. Tjitse, Eugene, give us a short intro to your latest project. What was the main objective of this project? The […]

| Community, Editor's picks  | May 7, 2019
Meet the VSF Team: Sander Mangel [interview]

The fastest growing eCommerce PWA solution just gained a new Technical Leader. What is his approach to open source, engaging the global community and strengthening a future-proof product? You will find answers to these questions in the interview below, but surely, with his guidance and strong spirit, the Vue Storefront community will thrive and steadily […]

| Technical | May 7, 2019
Embrace Vue Storefront new Tech Leader

Vue Storefront is growing like crazy. To keep up the pace and consistency of development, we have decided to expand the Vue Storefront team with a new tech leader. Everyone — please meet Mr. Sander Mangel 🙂 The community gathered around Vue Storefront has hit over 1,500 developers on Slack and 45 official partners. This ambitious and incredibly […]

| Community, News | March 15, 2019
Embrace the Vue Storefront Forum

The time has come to organize ourselves better 🙂 Meet the Vue Storefront Forum, a place dedicated to exchanging information between the growing number of developers and companies in our open-source ecosystem. So far, Slack has been the most important communication channel for the Vue Storefront community, but with over 1000 developers on it, we faced […]

| Community | March 12, 2019
Designing mobile-first store themes for the fashion industry [interview]

The fashion industry has benefited from the mobile shift on an unprecedented scale — social media generates immense traffic that can be turned into user engagement and sales. Today, I speak with Sveta Havaka, eCommerce UX designer, about creating online stores for mobile commerce, taking the user-first approach and designing progressive web apps. Sveta, only a few […]

| Community, Technical | January 27, 2019
Behind the scenes of creating Vuetique PWA theme [interview]

Today, I’d like to reveal some secrets of building PWA themes to you. To do so, I invited Sergio Tabaran and Georgiy Slobodenyuk from Absolute Web Services, whose team recently won The Vue Storefront Demo Theme Competition, to talk about their approach, winning concept and solutions incorporated in it. Their team focused on delivering the […]

| Case Studies, Community | January 17, 2019
PWA solutions for an online fashion brand — Malianta’s way [interview]

To outrun old, well-established fashion houses, rising fashion stars focus on online presence. Social media, like Instagram, is a powerful channel for reaching fashion enthusiasts worldwide, and a way to maintain flexibility in testing new designs and markets — but how to turn such traffic into sales? Technology is the key. Eager to learn about solutions that […]

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