The Demo Theme Competition has just ended. The competition was fierce and designers provided us with great ideas for the new Vue Storefront demo theme. But we could only have one winner of this challenge.

Meet the winners!

The winner of the 1st place prize, including core contributor status, is Absolute Web Services.

 Vuetique Theme
The Vuetique is a Vue Storefront theme proposed by Absolute Web Services.

The winner of the 2nd place prize is Sviatlana Havaka from Divante.

Vue Storefront Theme proposed by Sviatlana Havaka
Vue Storefront Theme proposed by Sviatlana Havaka

About the winning themes

The Vuetique theme UI is very light and fresh, with great UX features.

The theme is extraordinarily well-crafted. The Absolute Web team have added some pretty cool new features: upselling popups (after adding the product to the cart) and small UX-tweaks (image hovers), to name just a few. Moreover, they’re providing developers with an easily customizable Design System. — Piotr Karwatka, founder of Vue Storefront

Please don’t hesitate to check the Official Vuetique demo and the Official homepage for more details.

Congratulations to the whole Absolute Web Services team:

This new Vue Storefront theme is available on Github, under the MIT open-source license. You can start using it along with Vue Storefront right away to deliver PWA features and a unique UX for your online store.

The Vue Storefront theme designed by Sviatlana Havaka is made 100% according to Google Playbook and represents a user-first approach.

Its bottom navigation bar gives the feeling of a native mobile application, it displays the top categories on the homepage to help the user find what he needs quickly and easily, has visible search and auto-suggestions, a drag and drop function to add items to the cart and much more.

The main idea behind this theme is not to make it trendy, but to make it clean and easy to use, and easy to adapt to any market and product type.

The theme will be developed by the Divante team.

Even more VSF themes to use

The Vue Storefront Demo Theme Challenge encouraged many more designers to participate and resulted in quite a few designs that will bring a fresh and engaging UX to future eCommerce PWAs.

Vue Storefront theme by Patryk Serkowski
Vue Storefront theme by Patryk Serkowski
Vilo theme by Agnieszka Janich
Vilo theme by Agnieszka Janich

All of them are available to developers who wish to code them under the open-source license and enrich the upcoming Vue Storefront marketplace. Let us know if you would like to join this initiative at

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